Scenic Driving Range and Protein Powder


At the scenic driving range July 23, 2023.

I used to play golf quite a bit. Then it became an occasional thing. Then it became infrequent. The last time I played was in 2014.

I decided to try to get back into the sport last year but I had a significant shoulder injury the previous year and a trip to the driving range didn't go well.

I hit my driver reasonably well but both of my shoulders, especially the previously injured left shoulder, felt sketchy. It felt like cartilage was going to tear. My swings felt weak. I was sore for several days.

A few months ago I started taking a collagen based protein powder on the recommendation of my sister-in-law and I think it has helped quite a bit with resiliency and reduction of pain.

I went back today and felt a lot safer swinging with force. My shoulders no longer feel like they are going to fail.

I wasn't hitting my irons well but it seems like the driver is good enough and my short chips and putting are okay. I think I'll be ready to play in about a month if I keep practicing. I'll probably go out into one of the "pine parks" in my neighborhood and hit a few wiffle balls with the irons to try to adjust the feel of scooping the ball off the ground smoothly.

I never used protein powder until recently. I think I've become a believer.


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