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The Legacy Of U2

My well-traveled copy of U2's The Joshua Tree. I have no idea how old this is but it replaced a cassette tape. That's how long I've been into U2.   I've loved the music of U2 since the 1980s. "With Or Without You" was the song that first grabbed me. A couple of girls from school went to a concert and one of them came back with a t-shirt and damn Alicia looked cute in it, but in those days I was too shy to show interest. The image on the shirt from the Joshua Tree automatically brought the songs into my head. The photography in the album jacket was brilliant and perfectly suited the music. It's a cliché, but U2 is the soundtrack of my life, or it's on the soundtrack anyway. My interest grew during the 90s. U2 was in the right place at the right time with the right sounds. I was a brooding type of young man (and I can't say I'm immune to brooding even now), and U2's thoughtful lyrics and dark, sometimes chaotic tone during that era fit my per

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