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June and Writers Block

  Humphreys Peak How did it get to be June already? I'm thoroughly enjoying late spring but the cold kind of persisted and I feel like we got ripped off a couple or three weeks. But even the trees at Aspen Corner are finally leaved out and last Saturday was a brilliant morning for a hike. I had writer's block on my second novel for a long time but I made a major breakthrough recently and put down two or three thousand words. It's about time since I started it in 2021. I thought my first novel took too long to write but it was relatively quick compared to this one. And I kind of just figured out that I've only written Act I and I'm not sure how I can get back around to the theme I originally intended. So far it's just a bunch of crooks and violence. I think a technique for getting through writer's block is to just peck at the story, even if only a few words at a time. That seems to eventually get me started again.

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