Sorting Through Decades

Sorry for the poor scan. I'm too lazy to straighten it up.

I had new wood laminate flooring installed recently. This necessitated moving most of my furniture and other items out of the house and into the garage. There was so much stuff that I had to park my car outdoors for about a week until I could get enough stuff back into the house. The car is now parked in the garage but the process of sorting continues a month and half later.

I determined that I would go through the boxes, file folders, and piles of paper correspondence before bringing any of the smaller items back into the house. This prolonged the process but uncovered memories and long forgotten feelings from my personal history. I got emotional about some of it. I've gone through several vibe changes over the years.

I found part of an old wallet that I'd had as a child and teenager. Some of the items found: 

  1. My Boy Scouts registration card from 1984.
  2. Receipts from Waldenbooks in Marion, Indiana dated 1989, a company long out of business.
  3. A receipt from Musicland also from 1989, probably for a cassette tape since I didn't have a CD player for a couple more years. I wonder what it was?
  4. ID cards in my sister's handwriting from my home address in Sweetser, Indiana in the 1980s. She did the writing because my writing wasn't good enough in elementary school.
  5. A Creosotes Theaters matinee ticket stub with a price of $2.00. It was undated but probably from 1989 or 1990. I think it probably was from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We moved there in the summer of 1989.
I think I've probably said this somewhere before on this blog but it gets weird sometime in your mid forties when you remember events that happened so long ago that they feel like false memories. You feel like they happened to someone else and you just read it in a book or something. But you know the events were real, and you were there, the main character of your personal story.

When you see and touch these artifacts you get lost in memory. Logically it feels like a waste of time but we aren't dealing with logic.


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