Screen capture from video of a UAP over the Atlantic Ocean in 2015 by a US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighter. Video by US Navy.

One of my current obsessions is the controversy over Unidentified Anomalous (or Aerial) Phenomenon (UAP). The term used to be Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). I personally have difficulty believing we are actually being visited by aliens or "inter-dimensional beings" as one Air Force whistleblower suggests, but there is enough compelling evidence both in the form of sworn testimony from credible witnesses, as well as photos and videos from credible sources, that we can say it isn't nothing.

The current wave of interest began with the claim by retired Army intelligence officer Luis Elizondo a few years ago. This was followed by claims from several Navy and Marine Corps pilots and weapon systems officers accompanied by video captured by fighter jet cameras. Retired Air Force Reserve officer David Grusch filed a whistleblower complaint claiming that what Elizondo had said was true and that his career was destroyed due to his investigation of UAPs consistent with his orders. The Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General obtained sworn testimony from 14 other personnel who confirmed what Grusch and Elizondo had reported. Video has been released by the Department of Defense and other civilian and law enforcement agencies.

There's something really interesting out there flying around in the skies and apparently moving as easily through water as air. Navy submariners claim they've been monitoring and recording the sonar tracks of "fast movers" for decades. Civilian and military pilots have observed objects flying in ways that defy publicly acknowledged technology. Some military aircraft have been able to track such objects with various systems.

I have a very deep mental resistance to believing it's non-human technology. I think it's more likely this is some type of human made tech that the secret part of the military developed some time ago and has been obsessively keeping secret for decades. And the military's secret budget is hundreds of billions of dollars. Who knows how they spend all that? Because it is secret, there is very little accountability or access for auditors.

Some people suggest that the government can't keep secrets but that's false. There are still details of secret military operations from the twentieth century that are inaccessible to historians and journalists. Freedom of Information Act requests are denied. Documents that are released from generations ago are still redacted. The military is actually pretty good at keeping secrets, even for decades. But the secrecy finally seems to be falling apart. Perhaps values are changing within the military intelligence community?

My hope is that the current congressional interest in the matter will lead to legislation passing that will put the military and intelligence organizations in violation of the law if they do not disclose what it is. Whether or not it is aliens, the disclosure is bound to be interesting.


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