September 2023

The view from the top of Bill Williams Mountain. It's a big hike, but I've done bigger. I held up pretty well but couldn't keep up with my much taller companion on the downhill.

I don't want September to go by without a post.

I lugged a folding chair from Aspen Corner for a Subway lunch at Hart Prairie. Beautiful but a little cool. We've reached hoodie weather.

Since my last post, I explored quite a bit of new trail (new to me). It's something I try to accomplish every year and I could feel the end of summer and cold weather approaching. Places include Bill Williams Mountain, the trail system behind the Little American resort hotel, and some "unmaintained trail" near the airport. Late summer is a great time to be outdoors in Flagstaff and you don't want it to end.

MTSU football entering the field. Unfortunately they lost to Colorado State, an 0-3 team. At home, no less, but CSU gave Colorado a very tight game the previous week so I assume they are an improved team.

I shaped my September mostly around a trip to Tennessee to visit family and attend the Middle Tennessee State homecoming football game. It was great fun.

My health is improved from earlier in the year and I feel much better. While visiting Tennessee I watched my nephew play a soccer game and sparring in his Taekwondo class. It made me want to take up martial arts again. It would be something to do but I think it's kind of expensive for an adult. I may look into it but I need to rearrange my finances to free up some money for it. Also I am getting old and know I would be fighting injuries, no pun intended.

The leaves are starting to change so the next two weeks should be scenic. Then I can start visiting the lower elevations for desert hiking. And we start clearing snow. After last winter, I'd prefer more rain this year.


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