Out Of My Shell

A new (to me) view of the Canyon from the Shoshone Point Trail.

I went through a phase where I was just staying home and not doing anything new or interesting. Sometimes that happens after I've been traveling and I spent a week in Tennessee visiting family back in July. I finally managed to get myself out of my shell and visited a couple of new restaurants, hiked new trail at the Grand Canyon, and did some riding and hiking that I have not done recently.

I wish I could get myself to participate in more group activities but every time I think about meeting new people I just decide to stay home. That's the life of an introvert.

I have some more travel planned and I'll be interested to see if I go back into my shell again when I get back.

Monsoon storms crossed over Mormon Lake on my bicycle ride last weekend. I did the road loop around the lake in the counterclockwise direction for the first time. I got lightly rained on a few times but finished before most of the lightning got going.


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