ChatGPT And Programming

I asked ChatGPT to provide me an example program. It replied with human-like confidence.

A completely useless CCL program that does not compile and seems to consist of fabricated syntax and functions.

Much ado has been made about ChatGPT replacing human programmers, and it seems to work well for open languages like Python or Ruby. It does not work at all for the proprietary Cerner1 Command Language (CCL) that I must use in my day job. I have little doubt it could work. I'm just saying that it doesn't right now. Presumably Cerner will attempt to integrate AI technology with their command processor at some point. It won't break my heart. CCL feels antiquated and limiting in its current state. It's a frustrating language to work with.

Many programmers worry about losing their job to AI, but I suspect programmers are the top candidates to work with code-writing AI. Probably it will just allow us to get more done faster.


1 Cerner was acquired by Oracle and is rebranding to Oracle Health.


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