Snow Removal Apocalypse

Believe it or not, it actually got deeper after this photo was taken.

Since I moved to Flagstaff, I've seen very heavy snowstorms about every other year which I refer to as "mega snow." Over the last week we got around 40 inches of snow plus or minus. I've never been gladder that I bought a snowblower a while back, but even so I had to do a lot of shoveling. It just kept coming down and when it gets deep enough you have to remove the layer even if it is still snowing, then follow up later. This amounted to several consecutive days of physical labor that my body is not used to.

RIP my rehabbed left shoulder. I hope it will at least recover back to its previous imperfect condition.

This was on the last day of the first storm. The pile on the right got up to about head height before it was over. We have more snow inbound tonight.

As always with snow, it is beautiful to look at, but it's a major inconvenience. I have cabin fever and my cats are cranky. We've all been stuck in the house together for a week. I've taken them for walks a couple of times when possible but they don't like it. The sidewalks are trenches, and the berm along the road is like a curtain wall.

I've gotten out a couple of times, but I'm getting sick of the car sliding down the driveway. At least I finally got some good medical news last week from an imaging appointment. It's about time.


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