Wobbling Into the Holidays


Vantage point from Observatory Mesa. Currently we still have hiking conditions but there is probably snow up there on Mount Elden between the trees. It's been cloudy the last few days, reminding me of when I lived back east, where it is cloudy all winter. As we approach the solstice, the chances of snow go up, and indeed there is more predicted for this week.

It seems over the last few years I've spent more and more time recovering from injuries and illnesses to the point that it's basically my personality now. I have mostly recovered from the shoulder injury I mentioned in previous posts, but now I re-injured my foot that I messed up around about 2010. This happens occasionally but it doesn't seem to be healing this time. Pretty frustrating.

Other things:

Christmas is coming. I'm teetering on the brink of running behind on my preparations.

I'm shopping for land, despite the fact that I probably can't afford it. It runs in the family.

I'm stuck on my novel again. I know what needs to be written (approximately) but lack motivation. It's over 16,000 words. Half of it is junk but most writers and editors say it is best to move forward and finish the first draft. That which is finished can be fixed, but you can't fix something that isn't complete.

In addition to the injuries, I lack the motivation to setup my spin bike in the garage. As a consequence, my cardiovascular fitness continues to slip. I did this last year too.

Winter is such a tough time of year for me, and we haven't even gotten to the solstice yet. I'm counting the days.


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