Dark Winter

A few inches of snow for the week. Just deep enough for me to get out the snowblower. Some had melted and settled before I took the photo.


I'm in my usual seasonal depression, exacerbated by a combination of injuries and other health issues. My time has been sharply minced up by doctor and dentist appointments, and physical therapy. My patience is wearing thin for healthcare and expenses. This is not the first time I've considered completely cutting myself off from conventional healthcare. I feel like I know what I need to do for my own health and all I need to do is execute and I wouldn't need expensive healthcare at all.

The days are short and I don't like it. The local hiking trails have been muddy for a week or more and considering we just got another winter storm that dropped even more snow, it seems they will not be dry again for months.

I hope to get down to the desert this weekend to alleviate some of my cabin fever but for now I'm dwelling in darkness. At least I got my furnace fixed before the worst of the winter weather arrived.

Since it is winter, I keep working on my novel, the perfect activity for cold days indoors. It's around 19,000 words so far, with minimal editing.

Nine days until the winter solstice . . .


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