Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Grid Independence

The grid lights early evening. But what if it failed? Or what if it became chronically unreliable, as is the norm in some parts of the world?

I ordered solar panels for my house. The installation dates are in early December, so we will hope for favorable weather. I'll feel relieved after they are installed. I ordered a battery system with them so I can have grid-independent electricity in the event of an area failure. I could also buy a gasoline or diesel generator, but in that case I would be dependent on the fuel supply chain (though I may buy one anyway for redundancy). If I get an electric vehicle, I will also have petroleum-independent transportation as well as battery backup.

It amazes me so many people are hostile to solar panels. I think they have been exposed to fossil fuel industry sponsored commentary. Capability of living off the grid is basic self-reliance. Granted, it is expensive. People have asked me if the solar panels and battery will pay for themselves. Since I had to finance, that's a bit of a question mark, but any deficit seems worth it to me. I'm purchasing independence from the grid.

I hope to never need to be completely self-reliant for a long period of time, but the recent election shows that the electorate still has not solved the riddle of political stability. Political instability often exists in a negative feedback loop with other types of instability. I think we continue our slide into the abyss.

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