Tuesday, October 18, 2022



The late monsoon has capped the peaks with snow several times already, even as the trees still have their leaves. The gold marks stands of aspen.

By Business, I mean as much busy-ness as literal business. I haven't posted this month and we approach the end of it. I've just been very busy with both work and personal business. I've also had my calendar filled up with physical therapy appointments due to the shoulder injury I mentioned before.

So far the PT isn't helping, which isn't good news. I don't want to have surgery but I think it's apparent the shoulder will never be the same again either way. I imagined spending my retirement playing golf. That's looking unlikely now. Fortunately I seem to be able to paddle without aggravating the injury, so at least I still have that.

I have found a little time for bicycling and hiking, but the monsoon really didn't end until just now, despite the official end of the season being September 30th according to the National Weather Service.

I guess this post ended up just being a bread crumb dropped to say "I was here."

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