Thursday, August 25, 2022

Superyachts and Travel


Look at that cute devil! How can I leave him for any length of time? And yes, he is the one who ruined the window blind.

I'd travel a lot more if I didn't have pets. The other problem is money. If you can solve the latter problem then you can solve the former problem because pets can travel on a super yacht, and it's easier than in a car or aircraft. Yachting seems to be in fashion the last few years, popular amongst billionaires of both the legal and gangster type. With the economic downturn and sanctions on Russian oligarchs I bet you could get a good deal on one right now, if you could merely borrow a hundred million. Wouldn't I love it if I could afford it. Only knowing my cats, I'd have to watch them carefully or they'd end up in the ocean.

Seriously, I'm sitting here on some airline credits and my calendar is jammed up with critical deadlines at work, doctors appointments, weeks that I have to be on call, and business travel (but that doesn't count). Frustration is one of the most common human emotions.

As for why do I have cats? Because they keep me company in between travel. My oldest cat Zelda has been with me longer than any girlfriend. Girlfriends are better companions for travel though, and some other things.

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