Monsoon Lounge


My boy Shadow relaxing on the sun-warmed, and engine-block-warmed hood of the car, as only a cat can. He looks ill or something, but I can assure you he was in a state of bliss.

It's said that no human can relax as well as a cat. I present you this photo. My boy surely knows how to relax.

The monsoon arrived early! The official meteorological monsoon season begins on June 15th but historically the rain usually arrives around Independence Day, July 4th. Usually people just call it "The Fourth of July" but I refuse to cooperate with that tradition. It merely describes a date, whereas "Independence Day" describes the meaning behind the holiday.

Either way, we got excellent rain on Saturday and the air temperatures are perfect right now. I don't have a rain gauge but it fell for at least an hour at my house, punctuated by downpours. Now the skies are blue from horizon to horizon. The only fault is windy conditions, which present fire hazard and shake the house from roof peak to foundation. But all in all, things are good.

I'm happy again, even if it is only ephemeral. The monsoon will return in a day or two.


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