Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Lenticular Clouds and Wildfires and Mountain Biking


Lenticular clouds downwind of the peaks, seen through my garage door screen. There is a new wildfire raging in the spring wind somewhere beyond.

I try not to make this blog a register of complaints, but often the most remarkable events in the average day are negative.

Flagstaff has entered wildfire season, and as usual the fires aren't really "wild." People start most wildfires in Northern Arizona and the idiots are off to the races again. We've had an outbreak of several different fires, all of which were likely caused by humans. I haven't heard thunder around here for several weeks, nor has the weather forecast included any lightning. The remaining possible causes are all anthropogenic: cigarettes, vehicles, campfires, etc.

The number of people who believe they are entitled to a campfire without taking any reasonable precautions makes me disappointed in the human race. That is to say, even more disappointed than I already was before I moved to Arizona.

A view from the Railroad Springs trail, about halfway up Observatory Mesa. Might be Mormon Mountain in the distance?

I replaced my back mountain bike tire last weekend and got in an excellent ride up Observatory Mesa. The tire had been flat since sometime last fall. I shouldn't have put it off so long, because I've missed the joy of a good trail ride. I have another bike but it's suitable only for pavement. Changing the tire was difficult and I dinged up my hands, but it was worth the effort. Sometimes you have to invest time in preparation to have a good time.

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