Days Off

Taking it easy in front of the fireplace. I can't keep that rug clean, and you can see why.

My employer officially encourages people to take a day off every pay period. This is because they have to reserve the "money" to pay for the Paid Time Off (PTO) anyway, and they are basically paying double if you keep working. If you have a day off and work instead, they have to pay for both the day off and the day of labor. It's better for the company if the employees take their days off.

Funny thing: it's better for the employees too. At least I feel better if I take a day off every pay period (two weeks). Somehow I got out of the habit last year. I think it was because I planned some travel late in the year. I simply stopped taking PTO.

It's started getting on my nerves though, to not have any three day weekends to look forward to, so I have resumed the habit of reserving Fridays and Mondays off. It feels great!

I earn PTO at a fast enough rate anyway, that I can do this and still accumulate time. I earn more than one day per pay period. If you are employed by someone other than yourself, and you don't get a PTO benefit like this, I suggest finding an employer who provides it.


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