Cable TV Why?


Ah pixelation, right in the middle of every big play! Such quality!

The only reason I still have cable TV is to watch sports, and every time there is a big play, the image jumps and pixelates. This particularly happens on the cable-only channels. The signals from the broadcast networks are usually fine. Obviously this has to do with the complexity of the motion and the compression algorithm of the digital signal. When I watched analog cable back in the 90s, the images were technically lower resolution, yet easier to watch. You could actually see the action. What a disgrace.

Worse yet, in some cases I have been able to watch games glitch free on my laptop from the very same providers. I turned off the TV and went to the internet for the same coverage but a better image. But that is hit or miss. Sometimes I have been completely cut off from the internet video.

I know I need to cancel traditional cable and just to go internet, but that's a pain too because you have to get a bunch of different accounts with a bunch of different companies. And anyway the same thing sometimes also happens with internet video. Why is twenty-first century technology even stupider than it was back in the twentieth?


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