Late summer in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, September 2017.

I usually say that summer is the best time of year in Flagstaff, but that's somewhat because we had a couple of very dry summers in a row until this year. Now I remember that it's actually hard to do anything outside when the monsoon is strong. We've been getting thunderstorms every day beginning as early as 11:00 am. Worse yet, the storms tend to form earliest and be strongest atop the highest peaks, which loom over the best summer trails. And the lightning . . . 

Basically, I'm not having a very good summer. I enjoyed visiting my family in Tennessee and we got lucky with the weather over there, but I'm now having to "look forward" to some necessary travel to Indiana that will not be fun, instead of traveling, say to California or Colorado for leisure activities.

But maybe I'll do that in September or October.


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