Monday, June 28, 2021

Marmalade Pizza

Marmalade pizza from local restaurant Fat Olives.

I often find artisanal foodie recipes ridiculous but you have to admit some are delicious. I had this marmalade pizza from the local restaurant Fat Olives. The "marmalade" is a bacon marmalade. The pizza was dressed with a mildly spicy wildflower chili honey. The other meat you see is thinly sliced Molinary sopressata, which is an Italian sausage that could be called salami, though it doesn't taste like the sandwich salami we usually eat the US. Cooked up like this, it tastes somewhere between salami and bacon. It's delicious! I'm not exactly sure why it's buried in arugula but perhaps it is to cool off some of the chili. Anyway, I recommend it.

If you ever stop in Flagstaff and you like pizza, you should definitely check out Fat Olives. It's a little "spendy" ($$$) but not any worse than most other restaurants here. This is an expensive town to dine out since they passed the $15 minimum wage.

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