Fake Monsoon

This storm built over the peaks, and it looks like it was raining on the high ground when I snapped this photo, but when it moved out over the plateau it didn't drop much. Typical for thunderstorms in June.

In Arizona, we have entered the official monsoon season, which begins on June 15th. As often happens, we have received some scattered thunderstorms, but they don't seem to be the real monsoon, but rather a series of flows of moisture from the Pacific driven by ephemeral weather conditions. It's the fake pre-monsoon season. The real monsoon doesn't usually arrive until July. It kind of looks like it's going to dry out again.

We had a nice little storm yesterday that rained enough for muddy looking water to flow out of the downspouts, but the ground was dry again by sunset.

The state is on fire again, and we all sit around tapping our foot and hoping for a good soaking.


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