Thursday, February 18, 2021

Non-Otaku Anime

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I've watched anime since the 1980s when Japanese cartoons were created or adapted for the US market: Robotech, Transformers, Silverhawks, and probably some others I have forgotten. I eventually figured out that what I like about it is mostly the visual style. There isn't anything consistent about the storyline, themes, or quality. Anime isn't a single genre, there are contemporary dramas, comedies, romances, period pieces, and action movies. As such, the story is only as good as the creators make it.

In other words, most anime is bad. I have the same opinion about live action movies and animation made in the United States or elsewhere. Most of it isn't very good and you have to find the individual movies and series that are worth watching. Some Japanese cultural sensibilities differ from the English speaking world quite a bit, so sometimes there are interesting things in a fair quality anime story. In addition to the distinctive visuals, I still encounter ideas or philosophies that I've never experience in western literature or cinema. This is the value of "foreign" film.

I guess I would say that although I like anime, I've never been otaku. I'm too picky by far.

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