A late December snowstorm provided decent skiing conditions. I enjoyed having a few days off work.

I began work on my new novel over the last couple of days, no composition completed but researched and built accumulation of ideas and memories. I plan to tap into real life events to create scenes and circumstances. I will also use real places, though probably under pseudonyms. The plot will be fictional, but some of the details will be the novelization of real events.

I got the Moderna vaccine the other day and it feels like I'm a different person. This effect, I assume, is purely psychological and not really a physiological effect of the vaccine itself. On the other hand, it is experimental technology. I took it willingly. It isn't the first time I took a risk, nor do I consider it the biggest risk I've ever taken.

It's time to start planning more travel to accumulate more memories and places to use.


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