New Trail

New trail under I-17, part of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS). Not that scenic but there are some meadows and pine forests to walk through, and some interesting flood control structures. Or ride a bicycle.
The trail emerges from Fort Tuthill County Park to cross under Beaulah Blvd.

When new trail is constructed anywhere nearby, I find it difficult to resist the urge to explore it. This particular segment of new trail was not spectacular, but since it is new, it was worth visiting. It will also provide a safe way for me to ride my bicycle to the other side of the interstate without risking being run over on the busy routes where I had to share the road with heavy traffic in the past. It also goes under a busy frontage road. I'm glad to have it.

Anyway, it's always worth going somewhere new.

There won't be any new trail for a while though:


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