Clearly the snow along the fence is even deeper. I have no idea how much I've gotten at my house over the last three days but upper 20s to 30 inches might be a reasonable guess. Or even more.

Flagstaff can go for weeks without any rain or snow, then when snow does arrive, it sometimes comes in quantity. Since I've lived here, we usually have gotten about one event per winter that I call megasnow, where we get 30 to 50 inches within about 3 or 4 days. It's been so dry for so long that I'm glad for it, even though I have pulled strange muscles shoveling. When you get a storm this big, it's necessary to remove snow more than once. If you just wait until you have 30 inches of snow sitting around, the job becomes really difficult to complete in a single session.

I've definitely got cabin fever, and can't wait to get out on a hike or run. I'll probably snowboard this weekend, but it isn't the same.


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