Into the Multiverse

A microwave survey of the entire sky of the earth. This is a way of looking at the universe as we know it. By NASA -, Public Domain,


My official position is that the multiverse doesn't exist. This, I admit, is based upon the non-intuitive nature of the concept. I don't see any other universes around here, do you? 

That's a pedantic oversimplification, but it gets to the heart of my understanding of the universe. In my experience, natural processes are sometimes counterintuitive when you lack information. When you've learned enough, they make intuitive sense.

Much of physics is like this. I've always shared Einstein's skepticism about uncertainty. For the same reason, I dislike the multiverse being impossible to observe or measure directly. It seems a very convenient fact for theoretical physicists that we can't possibly confirm their calculations in the real world. As far as we know, if the multiverse exists, there is no way to cross from one universe to another to make direct observations.

Nonetheless, there have been a few times that I had dreams that seem to cross the multiverse. In the dream, I am aware I slumber and dream, but when I try to wake myself, I wake up in the wrong universe. The bedroom looks wrong. Furniture is in the wrong place. Doors are present where before there were none. There are people present that I do not know.

I conclude I'm still asleep and try to wake myself again, only for the process to repeat. It's as if I'm waking in the wrong universe out of the infinite possibilities of the multiverse. This can happen several times before I wake in the correct universe. These dreams unnerve me a little. I feel trapped in sleep, or even lost in a maze of universes, and must try to find my way back to the correct one.

Maybe the multiverse is real?


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