Food Container Stockholm Syndrome

Hillshire Farm brand packaging for cold cuts. They are perfect sandwich boxes, I assume by design, but also hold just about one meal worth of food of almost any type.

Not that I'm implying I'm hostage to my relationship, but when you get involved with someone, you start to be influenced by the practices and beliefs of the other party. It's a kind of Stockholm syndrome of the willing.

Since I've been a bachelor my entire life, I have this problem that cooking recipes for one is troublesome for complex dishes. Most of the recipes are intended to feed at least 4 people. My habit was to cook it and then try to eat up all the leftovers before they went bad. This often led to food being thrown out, because you get sick of it after a couple days.

My girlfriend prepares meals for her family for several days in advance on the weekend and then stores the leftovers for later, freezing if necessary. This requires a lot of food storage containers. Since they cost money, she repurposes original food packaging containers and has many of them.

I've adopted this practice and now find my cabinets and freezer full of repurposed containers. I especially like the Hillshire Farm "sandwich" boxes which they use to package their cold cuts. The photo is only a small portion of what I have.

Of course, this applies to other things as well, many more important than saving leftovers. For instance, I started going to my girlfriend's church. A year later I follow a bunch of Lutherans on Twitter that I do not know in real life. What other ways are we influenced by our relationships?


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