Sunday, December 27, 2020

Pajama Work Attire

I used to present myself to the world as a stoic, ascetic person, but this is just a notion. When I was young, I sought out uncomfortable situations that provided some type of adventure. For instance, I used to run whitewater in the winter. Though difficult, dangerous, and cold, I found it rewarding. The older I've gotten, the more I appreciate comfort.

I received a gift of pajamas for Christmas. There was a time when I would have considered pajamas either old fashioned, dating back to a time before central heat exists, or childish, as parents typically clothe children in pajamas to keep their small bodies warm. This was silly. Pajamas have utility.

I love pajamas. I didn't realize how much I loved pajamas until about 5 years ago. Prior to that, I'd had some pajamas but associated them with being hot and itchy, because I made the mistake of trying to sleep in them. Since the invention of central heat, pajamas are for wearing around the house, not for sleeping in. It's the most comfortable item of attire for the house. This lesson has become more clear in the era of work-from-home. I wear a more presentable shirt for teleconferences, but pajamas are my favorite winter pants for working in the home.

I don't sleep in them though. Pajamas are for work.

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