Getting ready for this . . .

It's the weekend (wochenende means weekend in German). Unfortunately I am on call for work, but I can usually still find plenty of time to relax or go adventuring. I can respond to calls with a cell phone and a laptop, so I will simply throw one in my backpack and go for a short hike at one of the places around Flagstaff. Though I can respond anywhere with cell signal, I dislike getting more than a mile from my car when on call.

The snow season is upon us and the ski resort opens this weekend, so I also need to spend some time on maintenance of my snowboard. I want to pick up some ski boots this year so I can start learning to ski this season. Snowboarding involves too much falling. I used to be extremely agile, but these days when I fall I just go over like a felled tree. I've been working on flexibility and upper body strength training to offset the issues.


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