Fast Food


What is the point of these?

I realize fast food isn't haute cuisine but I can't understand how these chains keep messing up French fries. I think companies are always trying to differentiate themselves to the buying public. This causes them to reach too far to create a difference. I'm not a fan of the potato wedge things that come with a Wendy's breakfast combo. They aren't terrible but they would be better if they just had salt or maybe seasoned salt, instead they are obviously processed with a mildly annoying flavor. They aren't the worst though, that would be the curly fries from Arby's, which are atrocious, have a papery outside, and barely taste like potato.

They announced an In-N-Out Burger will be built on the busiest road in town and I won't go anywhere near it for the first 6 months. I'm sure traffic will be backed up onto the highway. I like In-N-Out but it's only about 10% better than McDonald's. People are such dummies.

Yes, I realize this blog post probably wasn't worth writing but sometimes you just need to ramble.


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