Thursday, October 29, 2020

Desert Season

Devil's Bridge, West Sedona.

It's warming up a little after our first (very light) snowfall, but overall the temps are trending cooler in the deserts. My heart lives in the high country but I'm looking forward to desert hiking. We have several deserts around, but the closest are the high deserts of the Colorado Plateau and below the Mogollon Rim. My most frequent area to hike is in the red rock country around Sedona, Arizona, but I try to get in at least one hike or mountain bike ride in the Sonoran Desert, and usually at least one hike in the Grand Canyon (which is considered a desert below the rim). There is also a little bit of hiking in the Painted Desert atop the plateau, but relatively few opportunities since much of the land is on the Navajo Nation.

I'm ready for a desert hike sometime in the next couple of weeks!

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