Clear Airways

I have chronic asthma. Humanity has COVID-19, a respiratory disease that causes acute asthma and pneumonia.

I try to never descend into fear, and with my life experience, I have a pretty good handle on when fear is justified. There is such a thing as rational fear, but mostly we should not indulge the emotion. In this era of a deadly respiratory virus, I struggled with fear for the first couple of months, but then I realized that I was still going, and as long as I maintain discipline, I should still be going this time next year.

I went for a run the other night, and it felt great. I'm more of a sprinter, so my distance running is slow, but I'm in good enough shape to knock off three miles. I feel gratitude that I'm still breathing deeply, and that I'm still able to run a 5k at 7000 feet above sea level. The fitness also prepares me for any future respiratory infection.

I'm very thankful for clear airways. In spite of everything that has happened in this evil year, I retain optimism.


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