Thursday, August 20, 2020


Cats seeking cover in the rain.

I'm happy this evening. I had a productive day at work. I realize my previous post was negative on work, but when I get things done it actually feels good.

Also, the monsoon finally returned to my house, and we got a steady light rain for most of an hour. I don't think it was a great depth of water but enough for the plants and to relieve the heat. I now sit in my garage screen porch, enjoying the evening clouds and comfortable air temperature. It's positively autumn-like and leaves are swirling in the back alley over wet pavers.

A decade ago I wrote a novel. I abandoned it because it needed a rewrite and I lacked interest in the process, though I think the plot and setting are inventive. Recently I've been reading Stephen King's On Writing and it has inspired me to resume writing fiction, and I have searched for plots.

I had a strange dream last night involving a domestic violence incident, and upon waking modified it into a plausible story. I outlined a science fiction plot a few days ago. In the past I found I need a solid outline of the plot in order to finish a story. Things are looking up.

I just can't stop writing, whether it is technical document for my job, blogging, or fiction.

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