Pinwheel of Death

Source: public domain.

The colorful spinning disk that indicates your Mac is trying to complete some task before giving you back the pointer is sometimes called the "Pinwheel of Death," because it used to run off into infinity, and infrequently still does.  The nickname is a riff on the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) that formerly plagued the Windows operating system for decades, and also sometimes still does.

I feel like that some days. Like I'm just thrashing without purpose and achieving nothing with my life. I think that's why I have several aspirational hobbies, such as writing and composing music. It's also why I like to have mid to long range plans for travel and exploration, but that isn't living in the moment. It's planning.

A recurring theme of this blog and my life is the struggle to enjoy the present. I'm doing it again.


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