The back alley after the heaviest weather had passed. I started this blog as Ravine Ravings because I used to live in a house with a view over a leafy ravine. Now that I live here, I think of this as "Ravine West," only there is no ravine, so maybe it's just The Alley.

The monsoon is back and rumbled all afternoon, throwing a tantrum, pelting city and forest with hail or graupel up to the size of a small marbles and heavy rain. My youngest cat didn't experience a full monsoon last season and sat by the screen door watching with fascination as pellets of ice bounced around and water flowed inches deep down the alley. It's been going for hours and the long range forecast looks promising. I don't have a rain gauge at this house but I suspect it caught us up on average annual precipitation in one afternoon.

I should be happy but I'm not and I think I'm in another fit of changeable mood. My id will straighten itself out in a couple of days.

Yes, I'm aware modern psychologists don't believe the id exists, but it's a useful term for discussing self.

Considering the forecast, I think I'll restrict my outdoor adventures this week to a good run in the morning before the lightning starts up again.


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