Monday, August 17, 2020

Bike Stand

I had trouble clamping the cross tube so I went with the seat post. It's a little front heavy but works.

I usually have several projects around the house that I want completed but have trouble motivating myself to finish. I ordered a bike stand a few weeks ago for maintenance and only just got around to assembling it. It seems ok, although I struggled to figure out how to get the bike onto the stand, never having used one before. The greatest value is to be able to turn the crank and wheels without lifting the bike. It also provides the ability to raise the bike to a convenient height to work on it without crouching.

I got my chain cleaner than it has been in months before taking a short ride in the blazing heat of midday yesterday. Flagstaff's official weather station at the airport has recorded record heat several days in a row now.

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