Monsoon moisture from the Gulf of California.

We have finally been receiving adequate rainfall. So far I have been lucky and not been caught out in it when far from shelter, although I have been lightly sprinkled a few times. I have noticed that the hourly forecasts from the National Weather Service have gone to heck and can't be relied upon. As usual, the rain seems unevenly distributed around Flagstaff, apparently due to relatively small differences in altitude. My neighborhood generally gets a little more precipitation than some other neighborhoods.

My main concern is lightning. I normally don't care much about getting wet, although I have to admit that I went through two or three thunderstorms when I was going to Texas A&M that were unlike anything I have experienced before or since. East Texas thunderstorms can be like the inside of a dishwasher. You can get thoroughly soaked like you jumped into a swimming pool in a matter of 60 seconds or so. Thus far I have seen nothing so bad here although we do get lots of lightning and hail or graupel.

Life in the high country!


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