Sunday, July 5, 2020

No Monsoon

The waterfall in Picture Canyon. This is the only perennially flowing waterfall in the Flagstaff area, but it is fed by a sewage treatment plant. It's nice to look at though.

The Monsoon started, dropped a good quantity of rain, then left, and shows no sign of returning. This is the biggest downer since the COVID-19 lockdown. We went for a short hike today but the doggle got her paws burned on the lava sand and we had to cut it short. It's too hot, too dry.

We looked at the moon and Jupiter last night but I couldn't get my telescope to calibrate for some reason. I've done it many times before successfully but my usual targets weren't above the horizon until late. We still got to see the bands of color on Jupiter and at least 3 moons though.

Back to work tomorrow and we have a weekend excursion to look forward to next week. That's good because I am feeling very low at the moment.

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