No Country for Old Men

Death personified.

Still on the topic of aging, I went through an early mid-life crisis from my late thirties through my early forties. In that era I became drawn to literature and movies involving themes of aging and death, especially the Coen brother's No Country for Old Men. I did not see it in the theater but decided I wanted to watch it so I picked up the novella first, which is my preference for movies that are adaptations, and then saw the movie. It adheres very closely to the original work by the gloomy author Cormac McCarthy, a specialist in human suffering, especially in the desert southwest and Mexican border regions of the United States.

This is an excellent discussion of the meaning of the story, which I have always perceived as involving the inevitability of death.

I didn't shake off the gloom of my early midlife crisis until I learned that my father had a terminal disease condition. Hopefully it won't take something like that to shake it off this time, but m
y birthday is tomorrow and I continue to dwell on aging, and the inevitability of Death, who comes for all of us eventually.


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