Morning Runs

Muddy morning. Sunflower season should really blow up now that we've gotten some rain and it is mid-July. There is a fresh quality to the cool mountain mornings during the monsoon. Unfortunately this will all be houses in a year a two.

The monsoon season finally started behaving normally, which means I must go running before work if I want to run at all. Last evening my hoped for run got rained out so I arose early this morning and jogged around the sleepy the side streets of the nearby neighborhoods. Unfortunately I'm usually hungry all day when I run before work, and I end up eating all day, and I'm already too heavy. It's still worth it though.

When I bought my house, it was described as being on the wildland urban interface, but new construction is already bringing that to an end. The good news is that the demographers are now predicting the world population will stabilize sometime by the end of the century. I think we can assume that is a fuzzy prediction, but I'll take it. I'm hoping the new neighborhoods will put pressure on the city to finally build a pedestrian bridge along Woody Mountain Road to more safely cross the interstate into the remaining woods. That would be a positive side effect of the development.


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