Monday, July 20, 2020


"Your axis on a tilt." - Stephen Jenkins. i.e. sorry about the horizon not being level. I know how to fix it but it takes a few minutes. This is a view of the eastern, dry side of the San Francisco  Peaks, near the city limits of Flagstaff. Sunflower season is upon us.

I can't explain all of the decisions I make from a rational standpoint. Sometimes I act on impulse or whim.

I went for a bicycle ride yesterday morning, an idea that started out as a moderate, easy ride on swift single track trail, and quickly grew into a monster involving forest road, highway, and the bike paths of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS). Over 17 miles later, I arrived at my car, out of water, dehydrated to near muscle failure, and overheated. 

I knew perfectly well that electrolyte balance is a necessary consideration for exercise, but nonetheless abandoned the practice of maintaining it over the years, until M reminded me of it recently. She is a mother, and a fundamentally empathic person, and by example rather than confrontation "reminded" me that I should be using electrolytes.

I stopped at the nearest convenience store and picked up a large Gatorade and began my recovery.

I am not one of these people who thinks he is never wrong, because one of the defining characteristics of my personality is that I'm frequently wrong. After about age 12, you either go off into egomaniacal waste, or you learn the lessons about yourself and keep moving forward. I chose the latter many years ago. I'm sore, but clearly recovering.

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