Self Evaluation

The Flagstaff weather is glorious. Not a cloud in sight and temps in the 60s F.

We are assigned to do self-evaluations at work. Normally I'm in favor of self-examination as a good practice but the specificity of trying to meet goals and compose text that will satisfy the requirements of work feels unnatural and I find it tricky. I had to resist titling this entry in my blog as "The Tyranny of Self Evaluation," or "Caught in the Hell of Self Evaluation." I don't consider it fun.

In addition, I find it difficult to keep track of my accomplishments. I know that I have completed a lot of work over the last year and there is a trail of change request records marking it, but compiling this into a list always eludes me. Every year after completing my evaluation I vow to record my activities and accomplishments, and every year I fail to record most of them. This year I can't find any at all.

I think we all known human resource management doesn't work the way it should, and many employees complain about it, but apparently it's harder to do than one would think, because here we are again. For the millionth time I wish I was self-employed, although being independently wealthy would be better.


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