Heat and Paddling

Meanwhile, in 2006 . . .
Hiwassee River, Tennessee. May 28, 2006.

As evidenced by the history of this blog, I used to spend quite a bit of time on whitewater. In fact, in the years prior to starting the blog it was what I did with most of my free time. I was either paddling or planning and preparing to paddle. When I lived in the southeast, we went all year round. That is very difficult to do in the western US due to a relative lack of water most of the year and the presence of snow and ice in the high elevations. Anyway my lower back no longer tolerates the long periods confined to the cockpit of a closed-deck kayak. Nonetheless every summer I look longingly at my friends photos of paddling on a hot day.

I haven't been paddling in over two years at this point, due to a variety of factors: the death of my father, injury, moving into my house, etc. Paddling takes a little bit of effort and you have to be motivated to go do it. Hopefully that will come to an end on the upcoming three day weekend. If everything goes according to plan, I will be able to add another stream to my river list. It's going to be hot and I am going to be on a river. I can't wait.

Better yet, I won't be on call as of 5 pm today!


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