Photo from a dinner theater from a few years ago. A friend commented that it looked like something from a David Lynch movie, which resonated. There is a dream-like quality to it.
I woke from annoying dreams a couple of times last night. Not nightmares, just nagging, annoying episodes which I am grateful to have no specific memory of. After going back to sleep, I woke in a better mood, but thinking it was Thursday, which will signify my weekend. Unfortunately it is not yet Thursday but the middle is holding and I still feel happy.

I have a fascination with dreams and I write about it significantly. I record them when possible, but most of the writings will never see the light of day, or at least not until I am retired and no longer have to worry that my online presence could affect my employment.

I have been at my present job long enough to accumulate benefits to the point that I can afford to take a day every pay period yet still accumulate Paid Time Off at a low rate. That is an amazing benefit and it occurred to me that I'm essentially on a 4.5 day work week, which makes me pretty happy. It's almost as good as a previous job I worked where we had a 37.5 hour work week, which came about because several of my coworkers were nurses (that is a normal work week for most nurses in North America). If we worked extra hours, this made it possible to get every other Friday off without using PTO. This isn't quite as good but on the other hand I am making about twice as much money in this job.

Happy. I'm trying to not get paranoid that it will all go away somehow.


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