The Tyranny of Spring in Flagstaff

Blue skies every day. High temps in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit. It's terrible.

I now associate being indoors during the day with work. For some reason I'm languishing with it right now. Fortunately things are starting to get back to normal in healthcare, as much as possible under the circumstances. I have plenty of things to get done and much of it requires endless hours of concentration and learning new things, which is a continual process in my line of work. I'm feeling end of career exhaustion this week, yet I am still in the middle of my career.

I'm sitting outside, and the neighbor is in his garage shouting at Siri to get him the number for a nearby casino. Ain't life grand?

The work week is over, and my latest cycle of being on call is over. I will breathe a sigh of relief to last all weekend.

Summer is within sight and the high country beckons.
The high country of the San Francisco Peaks last summer. Recently it's been much less cloudy.


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