Sunday, May 24, 2020

Special Pain

Ski area closed due to COVID-19. It's strange to think people were up here skiing and snowboarding around this time last year.

On really long, difficult bike rides I have sometimes experienced what I call special pain. I think this is the same thing that marathoners report around or after mile 20, when things start to hurt in ways that differ from normal exercise pain. For me, it is pain that is not like lactic acid burn, but sometimes takes other forms such as pressure, surging sensations, or deep disturbing pain in the large muscles. It also includes pain in unusual places that don't normally hurt.

I got that today but made it all the way to the top of Snowbowl Road. I'm home now and don't feel right and have difficulty walking. Usually elevating my legs for a few minutes is enough to get rid of this but it didn't work so I got the foam roller stick. I'm a little better now but I think two rest days are probably in order. I'm also looking forward to supper.

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