Saturday, May 9, 2020


Bismarck Lake. This is the most water I have seen in it.

I decided to get rid of my previous, rambling post about reason. It wasn't well thought out although there is a thesis in there somewhere.

My three day weekend is running as planned, though thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow. I put my day off to good use.

1. A beautiful hike with my wonderful girlfriend
2. Washed the winter salt off the car. Hopefully that does not mean we will get another snowstorm, but if we do, then I will try not to drive in it.
3. Washed the polyurethane floor of my garage. It isn't perfect but it looks better. Hopefully this is not a double jinx for snow.

I'm not superstitious, except when I am.

4. Much cleaning and organization in the kitchen. I don't think that can jinx anything.

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