Sunday, May 3, 2020

Not Every Ride is a Good One

Many of these elite athletes say they believe that their worst training sessions provide the most value later. That may be true, but when you are mountain biking for fun it would be better if the ride was, well, "fun." They can't all be good.

I had such a ride today on a section of the Arizona Trail. I think the real problem is just that I'm not in shape for bicycling yet this year. It is difficult to train in the winter in Flagstaff's climate so I generally just don't. That means every spring is difficult.

Honestly I can handle being the worst mountain biker in Flagstaff but I wish I wouldn't have gotten into such a bad state of mind that I forgot to enjoy being in the forest. That's the only thing that makes it seem like a waste.

I am on the sofa trying to recover, and so far there is nothing there. I'll just have to force myself up to get something to eat.

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