Sunday, May 10, 2020


I live within 10 miles or so of the Mogollon Rim, closer if you count some of the tributary canyons that run down into Oak Creek Canyon. Due to the way storms frequently approach from the southwest in these parts, this leads to the strange phenomenon that I can sometimes hear thunder down in the Sedona area even when Flagstaff is about to receive snow. Since I grew up and lived most of my life less than 1000 feet above sea level, I find this strange. I'm sure I will never get used to having such different climates within such a short distance.

We have predictions of thunderstorms for today, Mother's Day 2020, but I haven't heard a single rumble of thunder, despite radar evidence of rain everywhere except my neighborhood. It's going to be a long, late-spring of high fire danger. There are some nice clouds though.

[Edit: as soon as I published this, I went out into my fenced area with my cats and soon felt static electricity in my hair and heard thunder. Ain't that the way it works?]

Love to my mom, and all the other mothers, including my girlfriend, my sister, my brother's wife Tiffani, and my stepmother. I also haven't forgotten my grandmothers and great-grandmothers even though they are all long gone.

I setup a fan yesterday in my garage screen porch and my youngest cat was initially scared of it. Soon he was chewing on the power cable, because young cats have to try biting everything.

Another work week coming. I enjoyed my time off and I'm ready.

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