Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Lovecraftian Nightmares

I had to take a 10 mg dose of Melatonin last night to get to sleep, what sleep is provided by the fake half-lucid state that it sometimes invokes. This has sometimes been accompanied by psychedelic dreams but the ones last night featured endlessly changing images, especially faces rapidly transforming from normal to horror movie ghouls about four times a second, or so it seemed. Another feature though, was that time seemed to stretch so that I would look at the clock, fall back into the trance state, and then wake again and see only 4 minutes had passed. This is why I don't use melatonin more often. Sometimes it's harmless but other times it's a horror movie.

Nonetheless my week is off to a relatively good start, my mood is positive, and I am productive.

Another short week. Peace be with you and mind the melatonin.

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