Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Fire Season

We got a little rain last weekend. At my house it turned into a steady drizzle. This is better than nothing but it won't get us through the many weeks remaining until the Monsoon arrives in early to mid-July. Hopefully it will be better than last year, which was dangerously dry. I've seen the relative humidity as low as 19% over the last couple of days.

Went running last evening, a usual activity for me on a Tuesday evening. It's beautiful but windy and slightly cool for this time of year. It was a fairly good run and I think I can start pushing the distance next week.

In case you want to know what it looks like running near my house. Mostly this.
Ponderosa pines on Woody Mountain Road. This is a famous dirt road for training. I have passed Olympic calibre runners on this road. They were going more than twice as fast as me, and probably twice as far.

Half way through this week. Still working, writing, exercising, loving.

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